Wall/Window FAQ


Q) How do I figure out how many rolls I need?

  1. There are many roll estimators online that you can use like this one here.

Q) Where should I begin hanging my wallpaper?

  1. It is recommended that you start in the least visible corner of the room.  This is because the starting and stopping point is the point where it will have the least chance of matching.

Q) Is sizing the same thing as sealing?

  1. Primer seals the wall (or drywall) and helps with preventing paste from absorbing into porous surfaces.  It also helps with removal down the road. Sizing give the wall more tooth for better adherence and helps with application of the paper and moving it into place.

Q) Can I order more wallpaper if I run out?

  1. Yes, but it is important that the lot or run number matches the wallpaper you have already purchased. If you get a different one in, it may not match well enough to work for you.  If this is not possible, try to isolate the two lots from each other.  One lot on one wall, and the other lot on another.