Vinyl Flooring Pre-Installation Guide

To our valued customers regarding sheet vinyl, materials and their installation:

  1. Moving of furniture (no pianos, organs, grandfather clocks, waterbeds or pool tables) – Subcontract installers will move furniture in your home if you choose. Great care will be taken not to cause damage to your furniture, walls or trim. Items that you move would include: glass lamps, china or any other breakables. Irreplaceable heirloom items must also be moved to a safe area of the house prior to installation. Gas appliances and toilets must be removed and reset by qualified personnel and is/is not part of this proposal.
  2. Seams – Dugan’s Paint and Flooring Centers subcontracts labor to only the most qualified installers to ensure the best installation. Our installers use the most modern cutting and seaming techniques in order to minimize the appearance of seams. If your job requires seams, they will construct according to your manufacturer’s guidelines and industry standards. Note: Patterns with lightly colored grout lines, rock patterns without grout lines and pattern-less goods are more subject to show seams. For future reference, have a qualified installer inspect all seams every couple of years to determine if seam sealer should be re-applied.
  3. Fading – As with other household furnishings including furniture, carpets, wallpaper and curtains, repeated exposure to direct sunlight may cause discoloration to your hardwood surface. The use of drapes or blinds to block direct sunlight will slow the fading effect.
  4. Area rugs – Stains may occur from rubber backings and/or dyes used in many floor mats. The absence of direct light under the area rug may cause your floor to change color at a different rate to adjoining hardwood over time.
  5. Loss of gloss – Vinyl sheet goods in high traffic areas and around chairs that are frequently moved may suffer gloss reduction. Gloss levels will be reduced if the floor is scratched or abraded. Your vinyl sheet good manufacturer produces restoration products to help with loss of gloss issues.
  6. Approved underlayment – Dugan’s Paint and Flooring Centers will provide underlayment for your job if necessary and will be vinyl manufacturer compliant. Approved underlayment will eliminate the possibility of staining the vinyl due to tannin acids and stain-causing adhesives found in non-compliant products. No warranty claims will be made for the issue of staining if non-compliant underlayment is used.
  7. Narrow heeled shoes – Can cause permanent indentions in vinyl sheet goods and are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  8. Furniture rest protectors – See the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate use of furniture protectors over your vinyl sheet floor.
  9. Rip, gouge, tear and pierce – Are considered as accidental abuse of the product by the manufacturer and are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Most often, our subcontract installers can repair the vinyl to a sufficiently correct situation.
  10. Cleaning – Use the manufacturer’s concentrated cleaning solution mixed with distilled water to keep floor clean and free from detergent buildup.