Hardwood Flooring Pre-Installation Guide

To our valued customers regarding hardwood, materials and their installation:

  1. Moving of furniture (no pianos, organs, grandfather clocks, waterbeds or pool tables) – Subcontract installers will move furniture in your home if you choose. Great care will be taken not to cause damage to your furniture, walls or trim. Items that you move would include: glass lamps, china or any other breakables. Irreplaceable heirloom items must also be moved to a safe area of the house prior to installation. Gas appliances and toilets must be removed and reset by qualified personnel and is/is not part of this proposal.
  2. Scratches – Are very likely to occur over time on your hardwood surface. Use wood stain of similar color and polyurethane with the appropriate sheen level for your repair. At any time you need to do a repair, one of our Dugan’s associates can help you with the materials selection and application tips for best results.
  3. Fading – As with other household furnishings including furniture, carpets, wallpaper and curtains, repeated exposure to direct sunlight may cause discoloration to your hardwood surface. The use of drapes or blinds to block direct sunlight will slow the fading effect.
  4. Aging – Hardwood flooring changes color as it ages.
  5. Area rugs – Stains may occur from rubber backings and/or dyes used in many floor mats. The absence of direct light under the area rug may cause your floor to change color at a different rate to adjoining hardwood over time.
  6. Loss of gloss – Hardwood surfaces in high traffic areas and around chairs that are frequently moved will suffer a natural gloss reduction as the finish film is abraded. Keeping the floor clean from dust will help to prevent those particles from being ground into the surface and furthering the gloss reduction process. Tip: Gloss reduction tends to be less noticeable on products with lower luster finishes.
  7. Water – Do not clean your hardwood with water. Water can cause damage to the wood and to the topcoat finish. Be aware of the potential for damage to hardwood flooring in wet areas (kitchens, utility, bathrooms, entryways, etc.)
  8. Gaps between boards – As wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity, small gaps can appear and are a natural characteristic of hardwood flooring. Note: engineered hardwood products are more dimensionally stable than solid plank products and tend to gap less over time.
  9. Narrow heeled shoes – Can cause permanent indentions in hardwood surfaces and are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  10. Furniture rest protectors and felt – Use appropriate sized felt pads under all table and chair legs. Note: Try to lift rather than scoot heavy objects across the hardwood even with felt pads underneath.
  11. Roller/Casters – Will cause premature wear to the floors finish and are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  12. Cleaning – Dugan’s Paint and Flooring Centers has an alcohol-based cleaning product that is manufacturer compliant and will keep your floor clean and free from buildup.