About Us

The Dugan Paint company was started in 1871 by Ernest Dugan and is currently in the sixth family generation of management. The company was first started as a paint and glass store as many similar businesses of its type were back then. In January of 1980 the glass and paint store split off into two separate companies and the paint company started its growth. In 1983 the second store was opened in Laurie, Missouri to service the Lake of the Ozarks area. At that time the area was experiencing tremendous growth and we soon saw that we could not provide the complete service to both sides of the lake from one location. In 1992 the third store was opened in Osage Beach, Missouri to serve what we called the east side of the Lake of the Ozarks.

As business continued to grow in the Sedalia area, a need for a larger main facility was evident. In January of 1997 we completed our relocation from our 4,000 square foot location on west 16th street to our new 10,000 square foot location at 3103 Erika avenue. In December of 2000, a 2000 square foot addition was completed at the Sedalia warehouse. As the Lake of the Ozarks area continued to grow, a need for additional warehouse and showroom space was needed so a new store location was created in Laurie at 120 Dogwood Lane and it was moved in February of 2003. Three new warehouses have been built or purchased since 2004 giving Dugan’s Paint and Flooring Centers the ability to service our customers better than any other paint and flooring store in central Missouri.